Government Backed Scheme

The government have confirmed and set aside £320 million during the 2021/2022 tax year, find out if you are eligible for a Green Home Grant of up to £5000 worth in vouchers.

Protect the Environment

we all know and understand that global warming is happening around us. By making green home improvements, even small changes are contributing to improving the environment, rather than worsening it – and that’s something we can all get behind.

Reduce your Bills

By implementing more energy-efficient measures into your home, you’ll usually find that you don’t need to turn on the heating as often, as such, your heating and electricity bills could drop significantly and save you money in the long run.

Join the Green Revolution

Over 1 million UK homeowners have already unlocked new sources of income through installing solar energy, solar battery storage and now social energy.

The Green Homes Grant has landed – and it’s good news for property owners.

In a highly anticipated speech this month, Rishi Sunak announced that the government is serious about helping homeowners and landlords make energy-efficient improvements to their houses by offering to pay up to two thirds of costs for such works – and we’re not talking petty cash.

As a homeowner or landlord, you could be eligible to a grant of up to £40,000 from the government in light of the new scheme, simply for doing your bit to reduce your own bills and prioritise the environment in your plans.

So, what are ‘green’ home improvements?

As the name suggests, green home improvements are upgrades made which have a lesser negative impact on the environment. These could include:

  • Utilising solar energy to power your home
  • Upgrading and installing more energy-efficient lighting
  • Improving loft or floor insulation
  • Replacing older or outdated boilers and heat pumps
  • Installing energy-efficient doors and windows, including double- or triple-glazing

Along with many more. These can be expensive processes – the cost of which is now being spread between you, and the government.